Who am I?

I am a digital marketer and graphic designer specialising in performance (paid ads on social and Google), organic social strategy, digital strategy and content creation.

Where do I work?

I’m currently taking an extended summer break, but I’ll be back to work soon! :)

What am I currently doing outside of work?

Looking after my health (both mental and physical), cuddling my cat Pixie, practicing yoga, going on long walks and planning for a very exciting and fulfilling 2021.

I am also very interested in medicinal mushrooms at the moment. Go give these guys some love from me - they are the best in Australia.
How did I get here?

Well, it’s kind of a long story.

I fell in love with art and design at a young age, inspiring me to create a magazine at 17. I used this as part of my folio and went on to complete 4 years of tertiary education at RMIT TAFE and Monash University. After graduating, I started working at an ad agency, designing material for large beer brands.

Feeling restless and wanting to add more strings to my bow, I decided to study Marketing at RMIT University. This not only inspired me to think more holistically and strategically, but also allowed me to do an exchange in Switzerland and live with my partner. I am so grateful for everything I have learned in my 7 years of tertiary education as it has provided the perfect foundation for where I want to go and everything I want to achieve.
After graduating from Marketing, I began working at a digital agency, as a paid social media specialist and account manager. I learned so much, managing over 10 clients at any one time, across various lead generation and e-commerce industries, and between myself and my team members, we achieved some really great results. 

But every door must close eventually, and there was something missing.

I was the only social media specialist at the agency, which meant if I wanted to learn something or bounce ideas around, I had to talk to myself. After a while, that’s not so fun. 

So now I’m looking for a great role, with a great team, where I can learn and grow and laugh and achieve even better results than I ever could have imagined 12 months ago. I just need the right tools and someone to help me open that door.