Who am I?

I am a marketing graduate and graphic designer with a passion for generating true consumer value in content creation through strategy, digital, brand experience and market research.

Where do I work?

I currently work as a graphic designer at My Word.

What am I currently doing outside of work?

I am updating my website with further content, working on writing new blog entries on digital marketing, listening to podcasts by Copyblogger and the SocialPros, beginning my Google Adwords certification journey (hopefully I will be a pro by the end of the year!), reading This is Marketing by my favourite, Seth Godin and following Neil Patel for SEO insights.

I also practice yoga most days, go on long walks and enjoy spending time with friends and family.
How did I get here?

I was born in Brisbane in 1990 and at the end of 2006 I moved to Melbourne. At 17 I designed my first magazine. This magazine became the catalyst in completing 4 years of tertiary education in graphic design and visual communication at RMIT TAFE and Monash University. It was exhibited at Top Designs (an enormous honour), however I was unable to attend the vernissage as I was in Switzerland. To those who know me, this is not surprising. 

I have travelled to Switzerland over 20 times and from 2017-2018, spent 16 months there as an exchange student at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences. While ethics had been on my radar since becoming vegetarian at 18 (thank you Peter Singer), it was here that I wrote a report on Corporate Social Responsibility that truly opened my eyes to the benefit of creating shared value.

The decision to study marketing came to me later in life, at 24. I was spending entire afternoons self-studying mathematics in the library and realised it was time to go back. I wanted real-world business knowledge to complement my creative mindset and RMIT delivered. 

Now a graduate with 7 years’ tertiary education across marketing and design, I have developed a comprehensive understanding of design principles and aesthetics, strategic management, traditional and digital marketing, typography, consumer behaviour, branding, product innovation, packaging, intercultural communication and international expansion. I look forward to sharing my knowledge with you.